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At The Corset Factory, we produce video stories not just through words and images, but through refreshing perspectives, color hues and quality of light, and sounds that make every moment feel present and real. That is our art.

Our work is providing client partners with video content that is informed by a deep understanding of media and the ways in which multi-chapter and short-form video can engage an audience deeply and effectively.

We'd like to tell your story. Get in touch.

Our Work
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Bringing a company’s passion to life.

A story about understanding local business – and understanding Vermont.

When community focus meets ambitious goals.

Inspiring stories – told by those who live them.

A bank that believes sights and sounds speak louder than words.

To change behavior, we can't be afraid to show the worst case scenario.

We'll Take You There.

Putting customers where they belong: front and center.

What it really means to be local.

A bank that makes community connections through the arts.

When all the Boston-area banks were using live action, we helped Middlesex stand out from the pack.

Breaking down a complicated healthcare topic with simple animation.

A refreshingly modern take for the resort the invented skiing in America.

Changing behavior requires getting people's attention.

A true story helps others find support and inspiration to quit.